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Name: Vijaya Kumaratunga
Date of Birth: Tuesday 9th October 1945
Lagnaya: Mituna
Maha Dasawa: Jupiter,Rahu,Mars, (1948,6,12)
Thithiya: Pura Jalawaka
Nakatha: Visa ( 4 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)220 58"Kanya 4Hatha4 DirectSama
Me (Buda)280 16"Kanya 4Sitha2 DirectMoola Thikona
Ve (Sikuru)250 16"Sinha 3Puwapal4 DirectSathuru
Ma (Kuja) 240 10" Mituna 1 Punawasa 2 Direct Sathuru
Ju (Guru) 160 34" Kanya 4 Hatha 2 Direct Sathuru
Sa (Senasuru) 10 5" Kataka 2 Punawasa 4 Direct Sathuru
Mo (Chandra) 10 6" Vushchika 6 Visa 4 Direct Neecha
Ra (Rahu) 100 47" Mituna 1 Ada 2 Retrograde Uchcha
Ke (Kethu) 100 47" Dhanu 7 Mula 4 Retrograde Uchcha
Ur (Urenus) 240 15" Vushabha 12 Muwasirasa 1 Retrograde Neecha
Ne (Neptune) 130 28" Kanya 4 Hatha 2 Direct Sama
Pl (Pluto) 180 24" Kataka 2 Aslisa 1 Direct Uchcha

Read your Horoscope

More attention to household activities. Physically strong, truthful, grateful, affluent person with landed properties. Lead a good life. Harsh dispositions prevail and difficult to understand.

Good position for less troubles in mind and the mother gains comforts. Love, support and assistance of the mother than others. All equipped residence to be received and it creates prosperity and beauty in life.

No troubles regarding employment. Employments related to art and health are possible. Married life successful.

Willingness to external beauty, cleanliness and fun. Possibility of falling in love very easily. Tend to support and assist the siblings. Hate injustice. Willing to engage in religious and social activities

Very dear to mother. But support and assistance or affection could not be received from the mother.

Sometimes dispositions of pride. Self respect highly regarded. Not deceived by anyone. Good phase for detective affairs.

Ability to advise others as an elder. Honoured and respected by many. No obstacles in educational career.

Perform patiently. Support relatives but no advantage or praise received. Likely to be away from parents and relatives and their ties affected. However, maternal properties could be acquired. Partner suits to your thoughts. Prosperity and progress in properties.

Wisdom is powerful. Ability to grasp things easily. Clever at educational career. Hate deceiving others. Less selfishness. Economic condition is very firm as no unnecessary expenses involved. Very close and dear to your partner. Love for children.

Very clever in secret affairs. You seem to be very subtle in your dealings to succeed or fulfil your own expectations. Never change your opinion whether it is right or wrong. Unsuitable love affairs affect your self respect. Hope for instant progress and prosperity. You should control your expenses then only you could improve yourself.

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