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Name: Sirimawo R D Bandaranayake
Date of Birth: Monday 17th April 1916
Lagnaya: Kanya
Maha Dasawa: Mars,Moon,Sun, (1922,6,30)
Thithiya: Pura Pasaloswaka
Nakatha: Sitha ( 1 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)40 25"Mesha 8Asvida2 DirectUchcha
Me (Buda)70 22"Mesha 8Asvida3 DirectSama
Ve (Sikuru)190 49"Vushabha 9Rehena3 DirectSwaSettra
Ma (Kuja) 210 30" Kataka 11 Aslisa 2 Direct Neecha
Ju (Guru) 220 38" Meena 7 Rewathi 2 Direct SwaSettra
Sa (Senasuru) 180 10" Mituna 10 Ada 4 Direct Mithuru
Mo (Chandra) 240 50" Kanya 1 Sitha 1 Direct Mithuru
Ra (Rahu) 110 22" Makara 5 Suwana 1 Retrograde Mithuru
Ke (Kethu) 110 22" Kataka 11 Pusha 3 Retrograde Sathuru
Ur (Urenus) 260 33" Makara 5 Denata 1 Direct Sama
Ne (Neptune) 70 11" Kataka 11 Pusha 2 Direct Uchcha
Pl (Pluto) 80 41" Mituna 10 Ada 1 Direct Sama

Read your Horoscope

Fortune to gain finance and properties and assistance could be possible from anyone. Not so physically strong. Luck indicates to receive gems and other precious things from the earth. Wealth to be acquired at an unexpected occasion. More willingness to secret affairs. Ability to earn money through secret means.

Love affairs possible. Pleasant appearance and charming physical features. Quick marriage and possibility in getting married to an affluent partner.

Most probably engage in self employment.

Make own efforts for progress. Not much confidence over others. Skilled at work because of courage and effort. Likely to be a sufficient property holder. Relationship to the father is likely to decrease. But property to be received from father is possible. Lover for freedom.

Less clever at education but possess knowledge and understanding.

Interested in learning Sober and amiable. Tend to learn mysterious things. Make good friends.

Assistance is possible from educated elites.

Clever at speaking appropriately. Marriage through love affair. Partner intelligent and knowledgeable partner. Prosperity and progress are blessings to the family.

Late marriage as interested in selecting a partner of noble quality to match in every respect. Much concern shown in the activities of children and household as well. Drawbacks in married life not revealed to outside. No wrongdoings as self respect in highly regarded.

Make friendly relationship with others easily. Hate wrong doings and illegal affairs. Pleasant features and physically sound. Traditional paternal profession is possible as employment. Make friends from far away places. Parental inheritance to be entitled.

Person with no rest and always travelling. Very industrious and perform everything with excitement. Education is result oriented as you are interested in reading books and developing your knowledge and intelligence. Desire for outstanding qualities in Iife. Dislike to take up responsibilities. Progress and prosperity shown after troubles and obstacles.

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