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Name: Sharuk Khan
Date of Birth: Tuesday 2nd November 1965
Lagnaya: Sinha
Maha Dasawa: Moon,Sun,Venus, (1967,5,24)
Thithiya: Pura Atawaka
Nakatha: Suwana ( 4 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)150 50"Tula 3Sa3 DirectNeecha
Me (Buda)60 5"Vushchika 4Anura1 DirectSama
Ve (Sikuru)20 23"Dhanu 5Mula1 DirectSama
Ma (Kuja) 270 18" Vushchika 4 Deta 4 Direct SwaSettra
Ju (Guru) 70 37" Mituna 11 Ada 1 Retrograde Sathuru
Sa (Senasuru) 170 13" Kumbha 7 Siyawasa 4 Retrograde Moola Thikona
Mo (Chandra) 210 15" Makara 6 Suwana 4 Direct Sathuru
Ra (Rahu) 120 27" Vushabha 10 Rehena 1 Retrograde Uchcha
Ke (Kethu) 120 26" Vushchika 4 Anura 3 Retrograde Uchcha
Ur (Urenus) 240 56" Sinha 1 Puwapal 4 Direct Neecha
Ne (Neptune) 250 58" Tula 3 Visa 2 Direct Sama
Pl (Pluto) 240 26" Sinha 1 Puwapal 4 Direct Neecha

Read your Horoscope

Listen to others and reply accordingly. Writing and reading of books possible. Self respect is safeguarded. Capable of moving according to the place.

Very methodical in all affairs. Hate injustice. Very impartial in decisions.

Good position for less troubles in mind and the mother gains comforts. Love, support and assistance of the mother than others. All equipped residence to be received and it creates prosperity and beauty in life.

No troubles regarding employment. Employments related to art and health are possible. Married life successful.

Disobedience could be an impediment to education. However, inborn good knowledge regarding a certain aspect despite non availability of qualifications and certificates of education. Possible to achieve a high position than the father. Good understanding and knowledge regarding religion. Popularity could be achieved.

Inheritance from a dead person is likely. Associate with elites. No obstacles in education. Affairs in the field of medicine preferred and employments or business ventures related to the field are likely.

Lead life intelligently. Clever at earning. Keep company with no disturbance to others. Hate disputes. Ailments do not affect easily. Misfortune to the siblings and relationship with them reduces. Love marriage and partner from for away.

Sober and amiable. Firm in thoughts. Desire for education amidst obstacles. Ability to learn profound things such as astrology. Associate with persons engaged in such activities. Delay in marriage and with a partner not known much and also from far away place.

Very clever in secret affairs. You seem to be very subtle in your dealings to succeed or fulfil your own expectations. Never change your opinion whether it is right or wrong. Unsuitable love affairs affect your self respect. Hope for instant progress and prosperity. You should control your expenses then only you could improve yourself.

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