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Name: Princess Diana
Date of Birth: Saturday 1st July 1961
Lagnaya: Dhanu
Maha Dasawa: Moon,Sun,Venus, (1965,11,9)
Thithiya: Ava Thiyawaka
Nakatha: Suwana ( 3 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)150 26"Mituna 7Ada3 DirectSama
Me (Buda)100 22"Mituna 7Ada2 RetrogradeSwaSettra
Ve (Sikuru)00 7"Vushabha 6Kathi2 DirectSwaSettra
Ma (Kuja) 70 46" Sinha 9 Ma 3 Direct Mithuru
Ju (Guru) 110 54" Makara 2 Suwana 1 Retrograde Neecha
Sa (Senasuru) 40 32" Makara 2 Uthurusala 3 Retrograde SwaSettra
Mo (Chandra) 170 31" Makara 2 Suwana 3 Direct Sathuru
Ra (Rahu) 60 27" Sinha 9 Ma 2 Retrograde Sathuru
Ke (Kethu) 60 26" Kumbha 3 Denata 4 Retrograde Mithuru
Ur (Urenus) 290 55" Kataka 8 Aslisa 4 Direct Mithuru
Ne (Neptune) 150 19" Tula 11 Sa 3 Retrograde Sama
Pl (Pluto) 120 41" Sinha 9 Ma 4 Direct Neecha

Read your Horoscope

Prefer work with no physical weariness. Married to a wise partner and good family life possible. Troubles possible in household life. Deal with associates in peace and harmony.

Firm in own character and self confident. Progress and prosperity in life likely to follow. Understandable and humanitarian.

Partner will be very pretty. Reason for troubles could be the rivalries of the associates.

After marriage further progress in employment. Establish relationships even those unacquainted. Very dear to the mother. Maternal affection and treasure to be received.

Resistance to illnesses and ailments. Easily not affected by diseases. Troubles and obstacles could be avoided because of patience. Weak in education or interruption. But, knowledge, intelligence, and experience more powerful. Lose parental inheritance.

Less fortune to receive landed properties. Less benefits from maternal relatives.

Obstacles shown but education successful to higher level even belatedly. Goodness and wisdom shown simultaneously. Associate with the educated and elites. No inclination to deceive others. Fortunate to acquire parental inheritance. Late marriage but very successful. Reputation from the society. Self respect is highly regarded.

Ailments in throat. Not clear in speech. Clever at education but obstacles possible. Profound subjects such as Science are preferred. Love marriage possible.

Wisdom is powerful. Ability to grasp things easily. Clever at educational career. Hate deceiving others. Less selfishness. Economic condition is very firm as no unnecessary expenses involved. Very close and dear to your partner. Love for children.

Talking displeases others. No concern about respect and honour of the marriage or married life. You spend your fixed wealth. No good phase for your father. Separation from your father or less relationship with him. You will never be deceived as you have subtle wisdom and power.

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