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Name: Oswin Abeygunasekara
Date of Birth:
Lagnaya: Kanya
Maha Dasawa: Rahu,Mars,Moon, (3,7,30)
Thithiya: Pura Satawaka
Nakatha: Siyawasa ( 4 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)120 39"Dhanu 4Mula4 DirectMithuru
Me (Buda)210 1"Vushchika 3Deta2 DirectSama
Ve (Sikuru)280 22"Tula 2Visa3 DirectSwaSettra
Ma (Kuja) 10 7" Vushchika 3 Visa 4 Direct SwaSettra
Ju (Guru) 130 10" Kanya 1 Hatha 1 Direct Sathuru
Sa (Senasuru) 10 27" Mituna 10 Muwasirasa 3 Retrograde Mithuru
Mo (Chandra) 170 16" Kumbha 6 Siyawasa 4 Direct Mithuru
Ra (Rahu) 220 49" Makara 5 Suwana 4 Retrograde Mithuru
Ke (Kethu) 220 49" Kataka 11 Aslisa 2 Retrograde Sathuru
Ur (Urenus) 240 13" Meena 7 Rewathi 3 Direct Mithuru
Ne (Neptune) 210 16" Vushchika 3 Deta 2 Direct Mithuru
Pl (Pluto) 160 28" Tula 2 Sa 3 Direct Sama

Read your Horoscope

More attention to household activities. Physically strong, truthful, grateful, affluent person with landed properties. Lead a good life. Harsh dispositions prevail and difficult to understand.

Very pleasant and good behaviour, shown. Very close to the siblings. Reputation in life and outstanding position shown. Equality is regarded.

Good marriage even belatedly. Partner with equal status. Foreign employments. Life is successful in every sphere.

Ability to attract others by talking. Disruptions to education are likely. But higher knowledge could be acquired. No equal company with everyone. Favour to associate with those who are affluent and higher in status.

Less interested in educational career, and obstacles are possible. Travelling very likely and successful gains very rare. Others are benefited from your resources. Supporting others leads to disrepute, and difficulties.

Less interest in education. But deep knowledge is likely. Engage in affairs related to the government. Successful in the activities performed. Restlessness prevails in mind. Marriage is possible a little later. Great concern of a Partner in the best quality causes the delay in marriage.

Make friendly relationship with others easily. Hate wrong doings and illegal affairs. Pleasant features and physically sound. Traditional paternal profession is possible as employment. Make friends from far away places. Parental inheritance to be entitled.

Very clever in secret affairs. You seem to be very subtle in your dealings to succeed or fulfil your own expectations. Never change your opinion whether it is right or wrong. Unsuitable love affairs affect your self respect. Hope for instant progress and prosperity. You should control your expenses then only you could improve yourself.

Sri Lanka astrology
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