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Name: Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa
Date of Birth: Saturday 27th July 1940
Lagnaya: Tula
Maha Dasawa: Ketu,Mecury,Saturn, (1942,10,7)
Thithiya: Ava Atawaka
Nakatha: Asvida ( 3 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)110 4"Kataka 10Pusha3 DirectMithuru
Me (Buda)30 2"Kataka 10Punawasa4 RetrogradeSathuru
Ve (Sikuru)50 9"Mituna 9Muwasirasa4 DirectMithuru
Ma (Kuja) 220 9" Kataka 10 Aslisa 2 Direct Neecha
Ju (Guru) 200 13" Mesha 7 Berana 3 Direct Mithuru
Sa (Senasuru) 200 55" Mesha 7 Berana 3 Direct Athi Neecha
Mo (Chandra) 90 9" Mesha 7 Asvida 3 Direct Sama
Ra (Rahu) 210 29" Kanya 12 Hatha 4 Retrograde SwaSettra
Ke (Kethu) 210 29" Meena 6 Rewathi 2 Retrograde SwaSettra
Ur (Urenus) 20 38" Vushabha 8 Kathi 2 Direct Neecha
Ne (Neptune) 00 28" Kanya 12 Uththrapal 2 Direct Sama
Pl (Pluto) 90 28" Kataka 10 Pusha 2 Direct Uchcha

Read your Horoscope

Willing to engage in work despite own weariness and leisure. Affection to parents. Successful married life.Peaceful dealings with relatives.

Unconcerned about what cannot be done by own self. Income could be gained as much as possible. Become popular because of good deeds. Pleasant talking makes others happy.

Marriage through a firm love affair. Dignity of family life and marriage highly regarded.

Much progress likely if engaged in self employment. Joint business ventures with siblings are successful. Truthful because of pure mind. Prosperity to the father.

Make own efforts for progress. Not much confidence over others. Skilled at work because of courage and effort. Likely to be a sufficient property holder. Relationship to the father is likely to decrease. But property to be received from father is possible. Lover for freedom.

Less clever at education but possess knowledge and understanding.

Fortunate to get a respectable job. Ensure that no disadvantage is caused to others when dealing with employment affairs. Dignity of employment, business or profession properly maintained. Wisdom is strong. Lucky to receive due advantages from education.

Late marriage as interested in selecting a partner of noble quality to match in every respect. Much concern shown in the activities of children and household as well. Drawbacks in married life not revealed to outside. No wrongdoings as self respect in highly regarded.

Sober and amiable. Firm in thoughts. Desire for education amidst obstacles. Ability to learn profound things such as astrology. Associate with persons engaged in such activities. Delay in marriage and with a partner not known much and also from far away place.

You could safeguard your self respect. Make efforts to perform all duties very methodically. Less results shown compared to hard work.

Possibility for distance travelling. Search for interesting life leaving monotonous way of your life. Hope for relief having engaged in religious activities though you have no higher knowledge.

Sri Lanka astrology
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