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Name: Hema Premadasa
Date of Birth: Sunday 27th October 1935
Lagnaya: Kataka
Maha Dasawa: Mars,Moon,Sun, (1937,11,30)
Thithiya: Amawaka
Nakatha: Sitha ( 3 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)90 30"Tula 4Sa1 DirectNeecha
Me (Buda)240 16"Kanya 3Sitha1 RetrogradeMoola Thikona
Ve (Sikuru)250 16"Sinha 2Puwapal4 DirectSathuru
Ma (Kuja) 50 35" Dhanu 6 Mula 2 Direct Mithuru
Ju (Guru) 40 10" Vushchika 5 Anura 1 Direct Mithuru
Sa (Senasuru) 100 38" Kumbha 8 Siyawasa 2 Retrograde Moola Thikona
Mo (Chandra) 20 41" Tula 4 Sitha 3 Direct Sama
Ra (Rahu) 230 27" Dhanu 6 Puwasala 4 Retrograde Neecha
Ke (Kethu) 230 27" Mituna 12 Punawasa 2 Retrograde Neecha
Ur (Urenus) 100 41" Mesha 10 Asvida 4 Retrograde Sama
Ne (Neptune) 230 1" Sinha 2 Puwapal 3 Direct Neecha
Pl (Pluto) 40 23" Kataka 1 Pusha 1 Direct Uchcha

Read your Horoscope

More attention to household activities. Physically strong, truthful, grateful, affluent person with landed properties. Lead a good life. Harsh dispositions prevail and difficult to understand.

Very pleasant and good behaviour, shown. Very close to the siblings. Reputation in life and outstanding position shown. Equality is regarded.

Good marriage even belatedly. Partner with equal status. Foreign employments. Life is successful in every sphere.

Ability to attract others by talking. Disruptions to education are likely. But higher knowledge could be acquired. No equal company with everyone. Favour to associate with those who are affluent and higher in status.

Less resistance to infection. Evade enemies or less self strength to face enemies. Abdomen ailments are likely.

Selfish in nature. Prefer to worldly progress.

Inborn talents for work. Open minded and deeds and thoughts spoken of openly. Engaged in social work and supporting others lead to disgrace. No tendency of association of friends as no confidence in them.

Allergic to water and aquatic disasters are possible. Impediments to educational career but longing for reading and writing. Prefer to books about horror and emotions.

Wealth is possible from an outsider. Fear for injustice and commiting sins.

You cannot stay at home. You are compelled to leave your countryside. Less power for acquiring landed and residential properties and other inheritance.

You have a good power of wisdom and grasping, consequently desire for education and educational books. Logical and fast talking. Safeguard your self respect. Devoted to religion and religious activities.

Sri Lanka astrology
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