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Name: Gunadasa Kapuge
Date of Birth: Tuesday 7th August 1945
Lagnaya: Kanya
Maha Dasawa: Saturn,Jupiter,Rahu, (1953,5,26)
Thithiya: Amawaka
Nakatha: Pusha ( 3 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)210 13"Kataka 11Aslisa2 DirectMithuru
Me (Buda)110 42"Sinha 12Ma4 RetrogradeSathuru
Ve (Sikuru)100 0"Mituna 10Ada1 DirectMithuru
Ma (Kuja) 160 55" Vushabha 9 Rehena 3 Direct Mithuru
Ju (Guru) 30 25" Kanya 1 Uththrapal 3 Direct Sathuru
Sa (Senasuru) 250 16" Mituna 10 Punawasa 2 Direct Mithuru
Mo (Chandra) 110 11" Kataka 11 Pusha 3 Direct SwaSettra
Ra (Rahu) 140 9" Mituna 10 Ada 3 Retrograde Uchcha
Ke (Kethu) 140 9" Dhanu 4 Puwasala 1 Retrograde Uchcha
Ur (Urenus) 230 27" Vushabha 9 Muwasirasa 1 Direct Neecha
Ne (Neptune) 110 19" Kanya 1 Hatha 1 Direct Sama
Pl (Pluto) 160 52" Kataka 11 Aslisa 1 Direct Uchcha

Read your Horoscope

Win the minds of those who love the society and earn money through good deeds. Monitor the work through wisdom. Prefer to suburbs where affluent people reside.

Associate with friends of high caliber and receive aid and assistance. Earn money for own betterment and progress in life. Very methodical and thirst for knowledge.

Possibility to gain employment not favoured. More tendency for love affairs, but firmness in mind is less. Considerable decrease in relationships with siblings family members etc. Associate with outsiders and receive their support and assistance.

Trade is effective as employment. Always engaged in an activity as efficiency is powerful. Hate idling. Willing to work both day and night. Clever at getting the work done by others. More skilled at work in the technical field than the affairs done through knowledge.

Tend to work on own opinion. Education not successful but knowledgeable.

Obstacles shown but education successful to higher level even belatedly. Goodness and wisdom shown simultaneously. Associate with the educated and elites. No inclination to deceive others. Fortunate to acquire parental inheritance. Late marriage but very successful. Reputation from the society. Self respect is highly regarded.

Less interest in education. But deep knowledge is likely. Engage in affairs related to the government. Successful in the activities performed. Restlessness prevails in mind. Marriage is possible a little later. Great concern of a Partner in the best quality causes the delay in marriage.

Make friendly relationship with others easily. Hate wrong doings and illegal affairs. Pleasant features and physically sound. Traditional paternal profession is possible as employment. Make friends from far away places. Parental inheritance to be entitled.

Sri Lanka astrology
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