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Name: Former Cabinet Minister Gamini Dissanayake
Date of Birth: Friday 20th March 1942
Lagnaya: Tula
Maha Dasawa: Venus,Ketu,Mecury, (1953,12,20)
Thithiya: Pura Jalawaka
Nakatha: Berana ( 2 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)60 22"Meena 6Uthraputupa1 DirectMithuru
Me (Buda)110 57"Kumbha 5Siyawasa2 DirectMithuru
Ve (Sikuru)220 55"Makara 4Suwana4 DirectMithuru
Ma (Kuja) 140 51" Vushabha 8 Rehena 2 Direct Mithuru
Ju (Guru) 210 17" Vushabha 8 Rehena 4 Direct Sathuru
Sa (Senasuru) 10 22" Vushabha 8 Kathi 2 Direct Mithuru
Mo (Chandra) 180 49" Mesha 7 Berana 2 Direct Sama
Ra (Rahu) 190 37" Sinha 11 Puwapal 2 Retrograde Sathuru
Ke (Kethu) 190 37" Kumbha 5 Siyawasa 4 Retrograde Mithuru
Ur (Urenus) 40 13" Vushabha 8 Kathi 3 Direct Neecha
Ne (Neptune) 50 27" Kanya 12 Uththrapal 3 Retrograde Sama
Pl (Pluto) 100 31" Kataka 10 Pusha 3 Retrograde Uchcha

Read your Horoscope

Confrontations possible from enemies. Gains and profits hardly possible. Be cautious unwarranted associates to avoid obstacles in all affairs. Own efforts make possible prosperity inlife.

More willingness to arts such as dancing and singing. Behave well wherever you go and safeguard respect. Very dear to siblings. If they cause any trouble and disadvantage, unconcerned about them.

Marriage is possible on a of love affair. Partner is morally good. The first baby will resemble you.

Step forward in life having overcome obstacles. Make efforts somehow as defeat is unfavoured. Always annoyed, but Very innocent when not annoyed. Humble requests for support and assistance never turned down. Very much close to the mother and other members of the family.

Expensive house and vehicles or conveyance could be acquired.

Restlessness is possible as self résistance to problems and obstacles is practised. Inborn talents. Skilled at work. Man of principles than external rites and rituals. Progress and prosperity shown despite troubles.

Less attention to duties and responsibilities lead to difficulties. No firm determination and less will power lead to late success in prosperity and progress of employments and business ventures. Advance fear and suspicion for ailments and confrontations with enemies.

Allergic to water and aquatic disasters are possible. Impediments to educational career but longing for reading and writing. Prefer to books about horror and emotions.

Wealth is possible from an outsider. Fear for injustice and commiting sins.

You could safeguard your self respect. Make efforts to perform all duties very methodically. Less results shown compared to hard work.

Possibility for distance travelling. Search for interesting life leaving monotonous way of your life. Hope for relief having engaged in religious activities though you have no higher knowledge.

Sri Lanka astrology
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