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Name: Upali Wijewardena
Date of Birth: Thursday 17th February 1938
Lagnaya: Meena
Maha Dasawa: Sun,Venus,Ketu, (1939,10,14)
Thithiya: Ava Thiyawaka
Nakatha: Uththrapal ( 3 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)40 49"Kumbha 12Denata4 DirectSathuru
Me (Buda)200 13"Makara 11Suwana4 DirectMithuru
Ve (Sikuru)70 58"Kumbha 12Siyawasa1 DirectMithuru
Ma (Kuja) 200 4" Meena 1 Rewathi 2 Direct Mithuru
Ju (Guru) 200 45" Makara 11 Suwana 4 Direct Neecha
Sa (Senasuru) 100 8" Meena 1 Uthraputupa 3 Direct Sama
Mo (Chandra) 60 19" Kanya 7 Uththrapal 3 Direct Mithuru
Ra (Rahu) 80 43" Vushchika 9 Anura 2 Retrograde Sathuru
Ke (Kethu) 80 43" Vushabha 3 Kathi 4 Retrograde Neecha
Ur (Urenus) 170 12" Mesha 2 Berana 2 Direct Sama
Ne (Neptune) 270 22" Sinha 6 Uththrapal 1 Retrograde Neecha
Pl (Pluto) 50 20" Kataka 5 Pusha 1 Retrograde Uchcha

Read your Horoscope

Main concern is not finance. Slow progress. Wise and Moderate. Help others without returns. Cautious about own character. Not selfish.

Fame is likely from classics. Always talking for self benefit.

Finances not regarded as priority in life. Wise and moderate in action. Helpful and generous. More expenses than your earnings.

Make friends very easily. Ability of getting involved in affairs with everyone very dearly. Very close to the siblings. Gain employment to be performed with relationship of many.

Not confronted with acute difficulties in economy.

Ability to attract others by speech. Meet knowledgeable, educated and pleasant partner.

Separation from parents at your birthplace. Keep company with the outsiders and spend on them. If there is progress in economy it is because of a strong trend towards wealth. Not much respect for elders but make offering to outdated and mysterious things. Make efforts to avoid confrontations rather than controlling enemies.

Sometimes dispositions of pride. Self respect highly regarded. Not deceived by anyone. Good phase for detective affairs.

Ability to advise others as an elder. Honoured and respected by many. No obstacles in educational career.

Lead life intelligently. Clever at earning. Keep company with no disturbance to others. Hate disputes. Ailments do not affect easily. Misfortune to the siblings and relationship with them reduces. Love marriage and partner from for away.

Gentle in behavioural patterns. No efforts for hard work as physically very gentle. Not rude. Firm in thoughts. Hate dependency but not stubborn.

Good wisdom, government employments indicated. Profits and gains are possible. Cleverer at artistic pursuits. Acquire parental wealth.

You could safeguard your self respect. Make efforts to perform all duties very methodically. Less results shown compared to hard work.

Possibility for distance travelling. Search for interesting life leaving monotonous way of your life. Hope for relief having engaged in religious activities though you have no higher knowledge.

Sri Lanka astrology
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