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Name: Fidel Castro
Date of Birth: Friday 13th August 1926
Lagnaya: Sinha
Maha Dasawa: Moon,Sun,Venus, (1932,1,6)
Thithiya: Pura Viseniya
Nakatha: Hatha ( 2 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)260 45"Kataka 12Aslisa4 DirectMithuru
Me (Buda)170 44"Kataka 12Aslisa1 RetrogradeSathuru
Ve (Sikuru)10 0"Kataka 12Punawasa4 DirectSathuru
Ma (Kuja) 130 19" Mesha 9 Asvida 4 Direct SwaSettra
Ju (Guru) 290 45" Makara 6 Denata 2 Retrograde Neecha
Sa (Senasuru) 260 54" Tula 3 Visa 3 Direct Uchcha
Mo (Chandra) 160 8" Kanya 2 Hatha 2 Direct Mithuru
Ra (Rahu) 210 36" Mituna 11 Punawasa 1 Retrograde Uchcha
Ke (Kethu) 210 36" Dhanu 5 Puwasala 3 Retrograde Uchcha
Ur (Urenus) 60 10" Meena 8 Uthraputupa 1 Retrograde Mithuru
Ne (Neptune) 10 30" Sinha 1 Ma 1 Direct Neecha
Pl (Pluto) 220 16" Mituna 11 Punawasa 1 Direct Sama

Read your Horoscope

Main concern is not finance. Slow progress. Wise and Moderate. Help others without returns. Cautious about own character. Not selfish.

Fame is likely from classics. Always talking for self benefit.

Finances not regarded as priority in life. Wise and moderate in action. Helpful and generous. More expenses than your earnings.

Possibility to gain employment not favoured. More tendency for love affairs, but firmness in mind is less. Considerable decrease in relationships with siblings family members etc. Associate with outsiders and receive their support and assistance.

Separation from parents at your birthplace. Keep company with the outsiders and spend on them. If there is progress in economy it is because of a strong trend towards wealth. Not much respect for elders but make offering to outdated and mysterious things. Make efforts to avoid confrontations rather than controlling enemies.

Obstacles shown but education successful to higher level even belatedly. Goodness and wisdom shown simultaneously. Associate with the educated and elites. No inclination to deceive others. Fortunate to acquire parental inheritance. Late marriage but very successful. Reputation from the society. Self respect is highly regarded.

No confidence in others. Very careful in dealing with any transaction. No confrontations with enemies. No knowledge to select partners lead to late marriage. Progress and prosperity amidst obstacles.

Preferred external beauty and fun. Very dear to siblings. Easily fall into love affairs . Love marriage is possible. Marriage is successful. Power to acquire parental inheritances.

Talking displeases others. No concern about respect and honour of the marriage or married life. You spend your fixed wealth. No good phase for your father. Separation from your father or less relationship with him. You will never be deceived as you have subtle wisdom and power.

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