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Name: D.B.Wijethunga
Date of Birth: Wednesday 16th February 1916
Lagnaya: Mituna
Maha Dasawa: Jupiter,Rahu,Mars, (1916,12,22)
Thithiya: Pura Theleswaka
Nakatha: Punawasa ( 4 padaya )



PlanetAngleRashi HouseNakathaPada Dir/RecStates
Su (Ravi)30 40"Kumbha 9Denata4 DirectSathuru
Me (Buda)130 36"Makara 8Suwana2 RetrogradeMithuru
Ve (Sikuru)100 34"Meena 10Uthraputupa3 DirectUchcha
Ma (Kuja) 240 54" Kataka 2 Aslisa 3 Retrograde Neecha
Ju (Guru) 80 11" Meena 10 Uthraputupa 2 Direct SwaSettra
Sa (Senasuru) 170 28" Mituna 1 Ada 4 Retrograde Mithuru
Mo (Chandra) 20 37" Kataka 2 Punawasa 4 Direct SwaSettra
Ra (Rahu) 140 36" Makara 8 Suwana 2 Retrograde Mithuru
Ke (Kethu) 140 36" Kataka 2 Pusha 4 Retrograde Sathuru
Ur (Urenus) 230 42" Makara 8 Denata 1 Direct Sama
Ne (Neptune) 70 55" Kataka 2 Pusha 2 Retrograde Uchcha
Pl (Pluto) 80 37" Mituna 1 Ada 1 Retrograde Sama

Read your Horoscope

Devotion to faith in religious affairs and keen in arts. Receive higher education, and knowledge through experience and practice. Respect morals and values in life rather than finance. Progress leads to nobility with the Passage of time. Lead a successful married life with a partner of high morals. Income could be improved. Assistance from relatives.

Love affairs possible. Pleasant appearance and charming physical features. Quick marriage and possibility in getting married to an affluent partner.

Most probably engage in self employment.

Trade is effective as employment. Always engaged in an activity as efficiency is powerful. Hate idling. Willing to work both day and night. Clever at getting the work done by others. More skilled at work in the technical field than the affairs done through knowledge.

Tend to work on own opinion. Education not successful but knowledgeable.

Own deposits of stable properties. Not affluent. Ability to perform own affairs independently despite difficulties.

Skills for business ventures. Family problems not revealed to outsiders.

Should make much efforts in employments. Confrontations with enemies affect employment. Prefer to live alone. Less relationships with relatives and friends. Find a partner employed or from the work place. Progress and prosperity after marriage. Attend to the affairs of children and household activities responsibly.

Gentle in behavioural patterns. No efforts for hard work as physically very gentle. Not rude. Firm in thoughts. Hate dependency but not stubborn.

Good wisdom, government employments indicated. Profits and gains are possible. Cleverer at artistic pursuits. Acquire parental wealth.

Talking displeases others. No concern about respect and honour of the marriage or married life. You spend your fixed wealth. No good phase for your father. Separation from your father or less relationship with him. You will never be deceived as you have subtle wisdom and power.

Sri Lanka astrology
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