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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Mixed returns are due in this year. You get a good wealth growth in this year.

    Economy growth, business profit, housing facilities are on your way in this year. Relatives help you a lot.

  • A good time to lead your household life happily. Relationships of the family grow up. Opportunity to go on trips. Although, you are open to outsidersí criticisms, you are never discouraged.

    Auspicious time for marriage is to be dawned in this year. Decisions on the wedding should be made matching horoscopes well. More attention should be paid on the friends you associate.

  • Those who look forward having foreign education will achieve their expectations. A good opportunity to do new creations and be interested in science subjects.

  • Be careful of phlegm and head-related diseases.

    Those who have scorpion sign should pay a special attention on their physical health. Get rid of having cold water bath in the evening and night, walking about in the night, water sports, dew-falling etc.

Sri Lanka astrology