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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • You will have the opportunity of succeeding some of your expectations and plans. Further, you will have great man force and this year will bring you more honour from others.

    You will get the opportunity of doing your work bravely with the dawn of the New Year. You will be able to solve your work place problems successfully.

  • You will get special help and support from relatives and your expectations of buying new lands and vehicles will be successful.

    Marriage dream of those who are dreaming of marriage will come true. People who expect to build up love relationships should be very careful.It would be intelligent to deal with them with greater care.

  • Good for research and explorations in many fields. Good for education and to re-start abundant studies.

  • You should be careful of phlegm diseases, headaches and be careful of diseases such as blood diseases, falls, bruises, blisters, blood poisoning.

    Pay special attention on your health.

Sri Lanka astrology