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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Financially, a good time is dawned and can have support from your relatives and friends. Can get hold of the ownership of vehicles and houses.

    A year that you reacquire lost properties. You gain extra income from lands and properties in addition to your employment and your wealth grows.

  • A state of happiness arises. You will have to stay at outside places time to time. Be brave as you are to make decisions and you will profit the same.

    Can grow your wealth. A time of being highlighted in the society. Wedding proposal are on your way from higher families. Love affairs grow up

  • Those who are involved in education should be enthusiastic. They gain victorious results. You get cooperation from your teachers and chiefs. Successful at competitive examinations.

  • A state of losing conscious and nervous diseases may occur. Be careful of blood sugar, and cholesterol diseases.

Sri Lanka astrology