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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • This year brings you good as well as bad. You will gain prestige being popular.

    You will be able to proper with wealth and business and will be able to settle your loans.

  • You will spend much of your time on beauty. You will try to make your family happy by buying them new things in this year. Effort of taking attention of others will be successful.

    Auspicious time is dawned for bachelors in this year. Marriage proposals may be successful. You will like to spend your life with ease in this period.

  • Itís good year for those who do studies. The naval and air craft engineers will have a good time. Your effort of making your dreams true will be successful.

  • People with diseases such as heart attacks, cholesterol and diabetes should be more careful during the period up to August. Itís not healthy to have over nutritious, over fat food and sugar meals. May encounter problems such as blood, gall diseases, bleedings etc. You may get stress, stomachache, gastritis and the diseases you will suffer due to drug usage.

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