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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Your economy gets much better and will be much busy with your work. You get assistance from your top guns if you encounter with any problem in your work place and will be appointed in new positions.

    Income is much better. Get support from your love ones. Economic trends get changed and your businesses become successful. With assistance of your friends, a stable economical basement emerges. Enter into new agreements.

  • Lucky year for your education. Your skills in creations and presentations will be highlighted. Credit facilities and assistance from government are due and will be helpful for your education.

  • A problematic status of your properties will be emerged during the mid of the year. A time that gives a good relief to your mind by paying your attention on the renovation of your house and taking efforts for the welfare of your children.

    It paves the way for a new income by purchasing a new land. More rewards are due by the agriculture. Love affairs become successful. You will be lucky enough to find a religious partner. Fortunate to have lucky kids.

  • Be especially cautious of your healthcare. Be preventive from Phlegm diseases and nervous diseases. Subjected to face accidents, blood poisonings, surgery, etc.

    Be careful of healthcare issues such as cholesterol and blood sugar.

Sri Lanka astrology