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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Since there may be heaps of set-backs in professional and business fields, do your work cautiously and consciously. After January, there comes a good time. Financial profit can be expected. Bank deposits can be increased. Positions in security services are getable. Higher ranking positions can be expected. Official vehicles and promotions in present jobs can be expected.

  • It is going to be a rather good year. Few successes are due in. Prominence and fame would increase.

    There may be incidents which can damage your pride; mutual-understanding, trustworthiness and unity of those who lead family life can be faded away. Since It shows accidents, problems, and high expenditures to be increased highly, try to lead a religious life and finally a better life. You are able to buy lands and houses. There is a chance for a picnic. Wedding affairs are due in. Numbers of wedding proposals are on offer.

  • Although, the opportunity for carrying out the education of the children who are involved in primary education successfully is open, there seem obstacles on the way time to time. All, those who are engaged in higher education and vocational trainings can achieve their expectations. There is a platform for further education. Foreign scholarships are due in. Mind allows for further mathematics studies.

  • Highly, vulnerable facing with accidents. Vulnerable for tropical hot diseases. Pubes can be undergone a surgery. High blood pressure would increase.

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