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Sri Lanka Astrology
Sri Lanka Astrology

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Publications of Premadasa Kaluthanthri ( B.A. - Sri Lanka )

  • Select your spouse through the Horoscope ( Kendrayen Sahakaru/ sahakariya Handuna ganna )
  • "Malwara nekatha" ( Constellation under which a girl attains puberty )
  • "Naari Deha Lakshana" - ( An examination of the various organs of the female body )
  • "Vivahaya Pramada Karana Grahayo" - The planets which delay marriage
  • Porondamen Anavaranaya novena Vivaha Getalu - Problems and issues not revealed by Porondam Analysis
  • Pawul Awul Karana Graha Blaya - Planetary Conditions which ruin family lives

Forecasting and auspicious times based on horoscopes

We undertake reading horoscopes with regard to the matters indicated below: You need not send your horoscope for this. It is enough if you just indicate your time of birth , date of birth, and the place of birth. If you were born in a country outside Sri Lanka, please indicate the time of birth in that country and the time difference between that country's time and GMT. Your order should indicate the particulars given below and also any specific area or matter which you are specially interested in ( like marriage, health, employment etc)

Sri Lanka astrology
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