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  1. - Lanka nest astrological service for Horoscope Making, Match Making, Professional growth, Family Problems.
  2. - Lankan traditional astrology - horoscope charts, first letters of names for newborns, compatibility (horoscope matching), auspicious times.
  3. 5 Star Astrology - offers astrological match making, compatibility horoscopes, birth charts readings, annual prediction reports, and more.
  4. A Sign of the Times - offers character profiles, compatibility charts, and forecasts.
  5. A Twist of Fate - featuring live, online readings.
  6. A-ABC Astrology - offering psychic predictions, astrology charts, and more.
  7. Alpha Life Trends - offers newsletter, store, and readings.
  8. American Institute of Astrology - offers in-depth reports about love, careers, business, pets, diet and other concerns with online astrology courses also available.
  9. Ancient Sky, The - anthology of articles devoted to astrology in the ancient, classical style.
  10. AngelsAstrology - offers forecasts, pet astrology, and personalized astrocharts.
  11. ArtCharts - art-oriented horoscopes that show how current astrological trends align with planets.
  12. Ascenscion Custom Astrological Services
  13. Astral Arts - offering astrological profiles, compatibility profiles and relationship guides.
  14. Astral Pursuit - provides astrocartography for marriage, love, and other relationships.
  15. Astro Awareness - information on moon phases, planet and star alignment, horoscopes, monthly forecasts, and more.
  16. Astro Communications - wide range of astrology info, reports, books, and services. Drop by for your daily horoscope reading.
  17. Astro Energetics - providing in-depth astrological reports for personal growth.
  18. Astro Ganesha - includes numerology, feng-shui, vastu shastra, astrological, and dream analysis.
  19. Astro Insight - offreing astrological consulting and monthly predictions.
  20. Astro Mailbox - interactive astrology and horoscopes site.
  21. Astro Predictions - offers customised horoscope predictions, numerology, and other general astrology information.
  22. - provides astrological consulting with an emphasis on the planetary archetypes. Also features bi-weekly essay on astrology.
  23. AstroBella - practical astrology and tarot.
  24. Astrocenter - provides personalized and daily horoscope, astrology reports, forecasts, career report, numerology, and more.
  25. Astrodienst - astrology reports mailed worldwide.
  26. Astrodienst Online - offering a catalogue, seminars, and more.
  27. AstroInternational - offers wheel charts to explore astral, karmic, and character themes with chart analysis, consultations, and forecasts available.
  28. Astrola's Metaphysical Den - offers readings, a free daily horoscope, an astrological advice column, and metaphysical products.
  29. Astrologee - offers instant email astrology readings.
  30. Astrological Consulting - specializes in private counsel from the point of view that we create our reality as the product of our definitions and beliefs.
  31. Astrological Insights - helping to choose the most appropriate time for success.
  32. Astrological Knowledge - offers natal, child, and relationship horoscopes on CD-ROM, paper copy, or via email.
  33. Astrological Media Services - offering software and readings.
  34. Astrological Society Of India - offers horoscopes, numerology, marriage compatibility, year guide, and suitable gems.
  35. Astrology Alive - offers a wealth of resources for both the beginner and the serious student.
  36. Astrology by Little Women - provides astrological reports and interpretations, tarot, clairvoyant, and feng shui readings.
  37. Astrology For Gay Relationships - detailed individual astrology reports including relationship compatibility, love profiles, horoscopes, and more.
  38. Astrology For The Soul - provides free daily horoscopes, articles from numerous columnists, free astrology course, message boards, and readings.
  39. Astrology Forecasts - offers forecasts and horoscopes.
  40. Astrology in Action - daily forecasts by email, natal profiles, phone consultations and other services.
  41. Astrology Lighthouse - spiritual readings horoscopes and weekly inspiration.
  42. Astrology on the Web - information, forecasts, star signs, relationship compatibility, and more.
  43. Astrology Online - weekly horoscope and individual sign interpretations for both the novice and seasoned astrologer.
  44. Astrology Path - offering personal astrological horoscopes for love, career guidance, and compatibility.
  45. Astrology World - books, articles, features, information and other astrology-related products.
  46. Astrology World News - offers news, forecasts, and paid services.
  47. Astrology World Online - readings and lessons that blend both Tropical and Sidereal astrology.
  48. Astrology, The Ultimate Original Science - weekly Astrology predictions and services.
  49. Astrology.Net
  50. Astrology3D - offers interactive, indiviually tailored horoscopes.
  51. - features sun sign descriptions, live readings, celebrity charts, instruction, articles, and more.
  52. - provides astrological readings by medical and horary astrologers.
  53. AstrologyNow - personalized astrology and horoscopes for daily living.
  54. - offers online astrological consultation by an astrologer trained in Western, Vedic, and KP astrology. Also available by appointment in Bombay, India.
  55. - provides astrological charts and reports based on birth date, time, and place. Can be emailed within 24 hours.
  56. Astronet - horoscopes, personal astrology readings, psychics and tarot card readers, chat and message boards.
  57. AstroPath - offers natal, solar return, transit, and lovers compatibility reports.
  58. - provides astrology, horoscopes, numerology, tarot, 2002 predictions, and more.
  59. Astroquest - counseling by Dutch astrologers.
  60. Lisa Dale Miller - evolutionary astrology and tarot practitioner. Consultations in person or over the phone. Classes taught in Los Gatos, CA.
  61. Astrozone and Angel Gateway Celestial Channeling - provides personalized astrological and angel readings.
  62. Astrum Astrology - astrology reports for children and adults.
  63. Awakenings, Inc - software and personalized reports covering natal, forecasting, relationships, past lives, relocation, career, Vedic, numerology, and biorhythms.
  64. Birthpotential - provides birth chart analysis by professional astrologers.
  65. Blooming Grove Studio - Nine Star Ki, macrobiotic, and feng shui products and information.
  66. Bright Path - offering personal charts and astrology e-cards.
  67. California Astrology Association - offers money spells, horoscopes, astrology readings, voodoo and wanga dolls, lucky charms, amulets, and more.
  68. Celest Astrology Report Services - horoscopes include compatibility, forecasts, and location reports.
  69. Centaur Astrology - offers predictions, transit forecasts, and a tutorial.
  70. Children's Astrology Poems
  71. Colour Directions - a method of self-discovery using a technique similar to astrology. Provides a report with personal color spectrum interpretation.
  72. - offers an astrological matchmaking program for online dating and personals. Also provides relationship advice for singles, couples, friends, and business partners.
  73. Cosmic Intuitions - offering tarot readings and astrology charts.
  74. Cosmic Match - offers detailed love and Chinese horoscopes, compatibility reports, tarot readings, numerology, and biorhythms.
  75. Creative Choices - specializes in utilizing karmic astrology to help individuals achieve soul-personality integration.
  76. D.K. Foundation, The - offers esoteric astrology teaching and readings.
  77. Digital Light Path - products include screen-art, ceramics, and in-depth astrological services.
  78. Dreamtime, The - numerology readings and astrology compatibility advice for spiritual awareness.
  79. - directory for professional astrologers, astrology services, and products.
  80. Free Will Astrology - offers forecasts and personalized horoscopes.
  81. Goddessy - specializes in online psychic readings.
  82. Horary Astrology - the art of answering a specific question with a horary chart. Glossary, information, articles and explanation
  83. Horoscopes By Tamara - daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, plus astrology reports including compatibility, karmic past life, career, relocation, and more.
  84. Horoscopes Worldwide - provides personalized horoscopes and reports.
  85. - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, as well as love and Chinese astrology.
  86. Interactive Stars - presents daily horoscopes, Chinese and love horoscopes in a personalized astrology area.
  87. Isis Institute - offering workshops, audio learning tools, and more on archetypal astrology and transpersonal psychology.
  88. IVillage: Astrology - features forecasts by Kelli Fox, reports, celebrities, quizzes, astro tools, and shopping.
  89. JPW Astrology Service - offers astrology charts.
  90. Karmic Astrology - offering customized tape recorded Astrology readings and phone consultations.
  91. Kiddygram - an astrological portrait of your child intended to give you insight into his unique gifts and challenges.
  92. Kozmik Horoscopes - order a unique horoscope plus free sun sign readings.
  93. Lifestyles International Astrological Foundation - astrological and psychological profiles and video packages.
  94. Linda C. Black & Associates - astrological forecasts and counseling services, charts, reports, and advice for planning your future.
  95. Logos - meeting place for professional astrologers and serious students.
  96. LuckNet - horoscopes, information about guardian angels, ascending signs, and readings by renowned psychic Sophie de Saint Preux.
  97. LuckyGemstones - offers gemstone and silver jewelry.
  98. Magi Astrology - utilizes astrological secrets of the ancient Hebrew prophets and Chinese astrologers, combining them with recent discoveries.
  99. Massena Productions, Inc. - features gifts with an astrological theme, including mugs, greeting cards, bookmarks, wall charts, and music.
  100. Metalog Directory of Astrology - listings of astrologers, astrological associations and schools, as well as bookshops and other service providers of interest to anyone astrologically inclined.
  101. Moon Valley Astrologer - informative site for astrologers at any level with prediction techniques.
  102. Moonsurfing - provides monthly insights on the moon's phases and how they influence our lives and lifestyles.
  103. Mr. James' Psychic Cycle Chart - offers horoscope based on psychic life lines.
  104. My Astrology Advisor - offers horoscopes, astrology charts, compatibility reports, and forecasts.
  105. My Lucky Days - offering a lucky days astrological report.
  106. Mystic Stars - daily and weekly astrology forecasts. Also, interpret a dream, get a reading, evaluate a relationship.
  107. Mystic Voyager - provides readings, consulations, forcasts, charts, and articles.
  108. - offers astrology charts, tarot card readings, and more.
  109. - offers astrological birth charts with detailed natal reports.
  111. Ninth House Astrology - provider of compatability, vocational, natal, and specialized woman's astrological reports.
  112. Ocampa Astrology Central - compatibility charts.
  113. Organization for Professional Astrology
  114. Orr, Marjorie - offers daily predictions, articles, horoscopes of political figures, and personalized readings.
  115. - offers personalized time planners and lunar reports based on the Indian astrology system of Panchang.
  116. Petrious Astrology - astrology and numerology lessons, natal charts and reports, and personal predictions.
  117. Planet Astrology - professional astrologer provides monthly and weekly horoscopes, live personal readings and forecasts, classes and more.
  118. Planet Waves - astrologer and journalist Eric Francis offers a weekly horoscope, environmental writing, astrology consultations, and more.
  119. Pleiadian Astrology - offers readings focused on individuals and relationships using the Sidereal zodiac.
  120. Pluto Project - offers illustrated book on astrology, reincarnation, and world religions. Astrocast Report provides an annual transit forecast.

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