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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • While you are not fallen down from the present positions, you will get rather better promotions with pleasure of the people. Those who expect jobs would achieve their expectations and those who deal with joint ventures and foreign market would earn a higher improvement in their income. Rather a good time. Positions are due to be received. High positions in government jobs. Can get vehicles.Lottery victory and assistance from well-to-do people.

  • Your strength improves. Possibility to come to a higher position of life. Lucky to lead a happy family life. Can be happy of the cleverness of children. Marriages are due in. Love affairs improve. Those who are expecting for a marriage will get enough proposals. Rather a good time. Can buy vehicles and valuables. Can build buildings.

  • By involving in studies enthusiastically, you can gain exceptional achievements at competitive exams. Those who are involved in higher education and vocational training fields also get good opportunities. Opportunity for university education. A good time is to be dawn. A chance for a foreign scholarship.

  • Mostly, you can lead a healthy life during this year though can be suffered be minor sicknesses. No considerable fatal diseases or critical sicknesses. Fever and rheumatic diseases can be infected.

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