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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • A good time. Can get positions. Some would get foreign jobs. Some would get transfers. Happiness in mind would increase. Those who are involved in Joint business and foreign deals would get a great opportunity to improve their turnover. The dream of those who are expecting jobs, would be flowered. Expenses would increase after 12th March. Have to obtain a loan.

  • Barriers for marriage affairs until 14th March. A basement would be laid for marriage. Many would get marriage proposals. But they can be mismatching.

    An year that gives equivalent outputs. Subject to get lot of favours from powerful persons. Big conflicts in family life. If you cautiously handle such issues, a better time would follow. Difficulties for building houses.

  • Parents of children who belongs to Taurus sign should pay more attention to their children’s education. Great opportunity to study medicine and to study in a university. Victories at competitive examinations. Good time to be dawn. Concentrate on research work. More interest in music.

  • You will have to pay more concentration on your health in this year. Subjected to diseases of high phlegm, and disorders of throat. High frequency of infecting fever and phlegm diseases.

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