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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Wishes of those who expect jobs in government sector, already employed in positions can get high salaries and promotions. Those who look forward foreign employment also can make their dream true. Wishes of job seekers become successful. Can have higher ranks. Good time to come forth. Can obtain loans from Banks and financial institutions.

  • Should pay a sound attention on each and every area of the life. Otherwise, numerous problems and conflicts are to be faced. Although, education of the children flows smoothly, there might be impacts that can affect the household life and unity of the family. Really a good time for marital affairs. A basement would be initialized for that. Bachelors would get lot of marriage proposals.

  • Can be engaged in medicine, university education, and foreign language study. A new evocation in educational matters. Further, matters related to higher education and wishes of those who are engaged in higher education will win in high class.

  • In risk of suffering from diseases of belly. Existing diseases will take more time to be cured. Since you are vulnerable to accidents be in alert all the time. May undergo intensive surgeries.

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