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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • You must be careful of the enemies disguised as friends in your working place. Job seekers will have to face various problems in their try to find jobs. Nevertheless, those who are already in government service and job seekers are lucky enough to achieve their expectations. Wish of those who expect a foreign job, a transfer will be succeeded and who expect high positions will have a good time. They will get much assistance from their bosses.

  • Those who expected marriage will get proposals. Love affairs will be improved. Those who expect to buy lands will have a good time. Must be careful of vehicles. May have to face legal issues such as court cases, etc. Friends support is always there for you. Friendships will be developed. A year which arises various types of obstacles and problems. Do everything in patience. Disunity among family relations can be occurred.

  • After the middle part of the year, you will do your studies enthusiastically. Those who are engaged in higher education and vocational training fields will be able to show their skills after the middle part of the year. Can succeed in competitive exams and interviews. You will be offered with a foreign scholarship. Mind may allow to learn new things. Victories at sports.

  • Those who suffers kidney problems will take more time to be cured. There is a vulnerability of infecting blood related diseases like diabetes. Can be suffered from diseases like fever and rheumatism.

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