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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Those who are in government sector will specially get enough opportunities. Transfers, promotions are on your way as you wish. You will get higher positions. Those who expect a job or promotion will be successful.

  • A good basement would be laid for marital affairs. Love affairs would be improved. Those who are expecting kids will be successful. Can buy vehicles. Friendships would be improved. Expectations of building a house would be succeeded. Those who are involved in religious affairs will get a chance to go on a pilgrimage. If you expect foreign trips, this year chances you for that.

  • A basement would be laid for further education. Can pass interviews easily. School stationeries and equipment will be received from many persons. A scholarship from a foreign country is due in. This year helps those of Pisces sign to engage in studies much more enthusiastically. Lucky enough to win at competitive examinations. Those who are involved in higher education will be more successful if they work patiently.

  • You would have to face health problems such as high phlegm, anemia, and neurasthenia. Be cautious of such things. Probably, you might have to undergo intensive surgeries. Blood pressure also would be increased.

Sri Lanka astrology