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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • You can expect a high improvement of your wealth and job positions. You will get assistance from powerful persons. Those who expect a job will achieve their wishes. A transfer; positions in foreign countries. Can expect a lottery win.

  • Barriers for marriages; love affairs can be broken apart. But you will have a great opportunity to stage your wedding feast in a grand scale. Serious obstacles are ahead. Unwanted expenses can be increased. Have to take part in meritorious deeds. A good time for who expect kids. You will have to take much effort to keep the mutual trust within the family. Mutual trustworthiness between each other can be loosened due to unnecessary friendships. Tantrum and instant decision making will not do any good for you; try to be patient and that itself will do well for you. Make decisions through discussions.

  • Those who are engaged in studies have to work hard for their success. Have to do studies very enthusiastically. A very good time.

  • You will have to have a good care for your health. You may get malfunctions of your pubes. Your health conditions seems not good and especially those who suffer from heart and blood related diseases will take a long time to be cured.

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