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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • You will have to work hard. Those who expect jobs in government sector and private sector, foreign employments, foreign deals would be successful and thereby, they would be able to promote their financial capabilities. Wealth is on your way.

  • There would arise some barriers ahead building up houses. But after the month of March a good time would be dawn. You will get babies. Those who are expecting their marriage would take more time and those who lead a married life too would lose the grip of enthusiasm. Good heart among the brothers and sisters of the family would be damaged to a certain extend. Be careful of that. Be careful of exchanging ideas with other since others mind can be hurt if you talk not thinking deeply. Basement for marriage affairs would be laid and you will get expensive vehicles.

  • Doors would be opened for further education. Your mind will drag you to study mathematics or medicine. There will be a good time after 13th July. Opportunity for foreign trip. Victories in sports. You will have to take part in sports practicing programmes. There would rather better time come after 4th of August. You will get a scholarship from a foreign country.

    Ample opportunities for educational deeds. All students of all educational fields and those who expect to go abroad for higher education will get a good opportunity to achieve targets.

  • Many would get heart diseases, blood pressure related diseases and will take a will take a long time to be cured. Be cautious of accidents and fire hazards

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