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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • A better year for you. Popularity would increase. Subjected to receive credits of honour. Rapid increment of your income can be expected in this year. But, since it shows some set-backs and a slow down-sliding in your professional and business affairs, you must work enthusiastically to overcome that situation. You would get quarters. Transfers are due. Lottery wins.

  • Ideal time for marriage. Basement would be laid for marriage. There would be more marriage proposals on the way for those who are expecting to marry after month of March. A good time. You can take part of a picnic and happy festivals. You will get babies. Opportunity to buy lands and vehicles. Opportunity to associate important persons. You are lucky enough to lead your family life happily through mutual understanding and trustworthiness. Less troubles from your enemies and you would be able to make a big enemy a friend or defeat him in this year. A good time for those who look for a change of present residence or settlement in a new house.

  • Parents will have to put an extra effort in their children’s education. Doors open for further education. Opportunity to study in a foreign university. Assistance from well wishers. Can engage in studying foreign languages and law. Wins at competitions. Can get precious gifts and presents.

  • Can lead your life without sufferings of sicknesses. But for those who suffer long lasting diseases will take more time to be cured. Be cautious of road accidents and fire hazards for there is an vulnerability. Can be affected by chest and pubes diseases.

Sri Lanka astrology