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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Those who are expecting for jobs would have an opportunity to get jobs instantly. Ways of income and wealth would be promoted. Those who are involved in Joint ventures may lose their pride. Official quarters and vehicles as well as promotions in jobs are on your way. Success at competitive examinations. May earn more wealth.

  • Dreams of those who are expecting to get marry will come true at an unexpected time. Building up the mutual trust and unity between the ones who lead a married life, the married life become satisfied and they would get a chance to go on pilgrimages and to go abroad. More dedication has to be paid to the children’s affairs. Bachelor ones would get number of marriage proposals. A good time follows the marriage. Opportunity to buy lands. May have to take part of a pilgrimage. Friendships are developed.

  • Opportunity to study medicine and get a foreign scholarship. May get more assistance. Lucky to gain lot of victories. Education of the Children who undergo primary education can be badly affected by unnecessary friendships. Parents of children belong to Cancer Sign must pay a special attention on their children.

  • Be cautious of abdomen and nerve defects. Your health condition would not be much bad. It is going to be a better year. You will get others help. Rheumatic and chest problems can be occurred.

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