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Sri Lanka 2015 astrology horoscope

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  • Expectations of those who expect employments, foreign employment, positions and promotions would be achieved. An unexpected expenditure is to be incurred. A wealth can be expected. Wishes of those who are in security services would come true. Lot of assistance from your bosses.

  • Expectations of those who expect to buy lands, houses will be succeeded. A very good time is to be dawned. Relationships would be improved. Precious household equipments can be bought.

    An average married life can be led and this year seems to be a good one for those who expect to marry. May have to involve in a legal matter.

  • A good year for education. Little ones would engage in studies in more enthusiasm.

    Opportunity to study in a university. Success at competitive exams and interviews.

  • Those who suffer from kidney failures will take more time to be cured. Would undergo various troubles related your legs. Having fresh vegetables and fruits will prevent many diseases. Phlegm problems and problems in abdomen would be occurred.

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